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Botanist Restaurant

Fairmont Pacific Rim

Botanist, within Fairmont Pacific Rim, offers a dining destination that reflects the vibrant, lush earthiness of the Pacific North West region—from design and decor to cocktails and cuisine. The restaurant was designed as one grand space with four distinct areas within, each with their own robust personality. From the bar, dining room, outdoor terrace garden, and champagne lounge, it's a space filled with wonderment and charm.The brand and marketing developed was inspired by the concept of Botany and an idea that the Pacific Northwest could be represented differently. Steering clear of cliches, we created a brand that plays with the intersection of Art and Science which is common in conservatories, gardens and greenhouses and even restaurant kitchens, where each piece is chosen for its function and for its beauty.

Each printed piece is carefully considered in the context of its use and application, taking on the colours and design details of the interior. Menus in the dining room are soft pastel colours that compliment the light and feminine touch of the room. Whereas the bar menus read more like a Botanist’s journal or scientific manual, giving a nod to the way the cocktails are made and the inspiration behind them. The identity seeks to create a juxtaposition and complimentary unification of science, art, enjoyment, and wonder.

The logo, an archway with stairs, appears as an almost optical illusion. It represents the shift in perspective that the restaurant embodies whilst literally representing an ascent of stairs into the restaurant. The logotype is a custom typeface that is both classical and modern—representative of the philosophy throughout the restaurant.

Winner of Best of Year Interior Design Awards - Brand and Marketing.

  • Concept Photography by Ian Lanternman
  • Interior Design by Ste Marie Design
  • Interior Photography by Ema Peters