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Natural Beauty

Eluo is a Canadian based natural skincare line inspired by generations of ancient beauty rituals from cultures that came before. Made in small batches out of Calgary, Alberta. Featuring all natural facial polishes + masks made with purifying colloidal clays, radiance-boosting botanical extracts and rejuvenating essential oils. Influencing a movement towards a more fulfilling pursuit of beauty.

.eluo.’s brand is inspired by ancient beauty practices, with each element of the brand containing meaning that speaks to the overall brand philosophy and narrative. Eluo is a Latin word meaning to cleanse and clean. The two dots framing the logo reference an 18th-century chemical symbol for clay known as agrilla. These dots appear throughout all brand collateral, either printed, embossed or die-cut as a symbolic representation of the product and brand. The brand offers three products – each inheriting the latin name from the colour of clay and ingredients used in the mask.

The brand celebrates the natural beauty of clay through photography. The styling is inspired by the Rocky Mountains where the product is made and allows the purity of the material to speak for itself.


  • Photography by Ian Lanternman