Aburi Tora banner image

Aburi Tora

Sushi meets Technology

Tora is a modern Japanese sushi train concept in Toronto, Canada. The design is inspired by the client's positioning statement ‘Japanese tradition meets technology’, with the design of the interior referencing underwater themes and science fiction.

The wordmark is a custom typeface that has high contrast, inspired by Japanese calligraphic letters translated into modern and elegant roman forms. It’s slightly extended and tracked out to feel technical and contemporary. The wordmark was then developed into a full display typeface that is used for headings and primary copy throughout the brands. Paired with a monospaced font it, truly works to embody the positioning statement.

Accompanying graphics, inspired by Japanese designer Koichi Sato and the blue hues, sweeping curves and textures of the interior design, were developed to reference the technology and underwater theme. All finished off the the traditional ‘Aburi’ calligraphic stamp of the parent company.

Glasfurd & Walker worked with the client on the brand, identity, stationery, digital menu for ordering via iPads, drinks menus, food packaging, a custom typeface, website, signage and wayfinding, art direction and photography.

  • Type Design Collaboration by Kenneth Ormandy
  • Interior Design by Ste Marie
  • Photography by Ian Lanterman
  • Photography of Sushi (on black) by John Sherlock