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Kissa Tanto

Japanese-Italian Restaurant

Tucked into the upper story of a delightfully faded building in Chinatown, Kissa Tanto invites you into the little jewel that is the House of Plenty. Kissa Tanto is a Japanese-Italian restaurant in Vancouver's Chinatown inspired by the jazu kissa of Japan. Reminiscent of of the vanishing jazz cafés of the 1960s to which a distinct sub-culture of jazz record-loving, whiskey-sipping youth would escape, Kissa Tanto strives to transport guests to a different time and place. On the second floor of an old and discreet building we designed a bright, purple neon sign enticing patrons to walk up the stairs and discover what is inside. Menus are classic books, napkins are foiled with a KT monogram appropriate for the cocktail bar that is in the centre of the room. Guests finish their meal with postcards with haikus that are hand illustrated in a wood block print style.

  • Food photography by Ian Lanterman
  • Room and Signage Photography by Knauf and Brown
  • Interior Design by Ste Marie