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Savio Volpe x Cantina del Pino

Wine Packaging

Award-winning restaurant Savio Volpe approached Glasfurd & Walker design the wine labels for the restaurant's collaboration with Cantina del Pino in the Asti subregion of Piedmont in Northwestern Italy.

Since Catina del Pino is classically Italian and Savio Volpe more whimsical, we were inspired by geometric shapes and the way Italian graphic designers play with balance, composition and the arrangement of geometry in such a playful and successful manner. Each label plays with the relationship of two elements; a metaphor for the two companies collaborating that share a sensibility and spirit but live on other sides of the world. Type and shapes are the two elements. In three of the labels, we played with shapes. On the forth, the two words that made up the wine name became their own shapes to play with.

We worked closely with the winery on the perfect print finishing. So much care, consideration and diligence was undertaken by the winery to execute our vision throughout. From ensuring the foils and caps matched in colour, to sourcing a beautiful Italian made paper – printed Tintoretto Ivory paper (by Fedrigoni) – a perfect natural white. She made many trips to neighbouring towns and printers to get every detail just right. Through calls and the exchange of many photos and emails, these labels were completed with a passionate Italian dedication to quality and phenomenal appreciation and respect of design. Three of the four labels are foiled with a copper foil...vibrant like the wine. Whilst the fourth is simply printing in one colour offset. In wanting the labels to have their own identity we chose Bauer Bodoni typeface and Futura. Typefaces famously used in iconic and classic Italian graphic design.

  • Photography by Ian Lanterman