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Juke Fried Chicken

Take Out + Restaurant

Juke Fried Chicken is a restaurant and bar located in Vancouver's Chinatown. Offering a full service dinner menu, and an all-day take out counter, Juke is all about delicious fried chicken with all the trimmings paired with great cocktails and beer. Juke has a laid-back vibe that is inspired by old school music, drinking and all round good times. It's casual, loud, fun and doesn't take itself too seriously — the brand is built on these principles and influences.

The identity is a custom typeface developed by Glasfurd & Walker, Juke Bold, which was designed with a retro vibe and sense of movement. It is inspired by by disco records and graphic design from a bygone era. The logo, dancing chicken legs, represents the carefree spirit of Juke. With custom illustrations and playful type compositions, Glasfurd & Walker developed packaging systems (large and small 'juke boxes' lined with wax paper), signage, menus, stationery and animations used by the client for social media.