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Di Beppe

Café + Ristorante

Di Beppe is a casual Italian caffé and ristorante inspired by the Italian immigrant’s desire to share a piece of home while living abroad. There is a sense of pride deeply engrained within the Italian culture and Di Beppe honours that heritage through classic Italian dining and design. Di Beppe is a young Italian restaurant with an old Italian soul.

Glasfurd & Walker complimented the 60s motorsport motifs in the interior with the typographically driven design inspired by classic Italian cinema but through a modern lens. The design brings a sense of personality and voice to the range of collateral designed for the restaurant — from the signage, menus, posters to the website. The brand design combined with the interior design creates an amalgamation of cultural reference points from a specific era of Italian history but avoids too much nostalgia or heritage design – ensuring the overall experience feels modern and fresh.