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Cha Le Tea

Tea Merchant, Cafe + Shop

Cha Le Tea is a Vancouver based tea merchant importing high quality and rare teas from China. With a tiny, 640 square foot retail location that is both cafe and retail store, Cha Le is not your typical teahouse. Tea is carefully and scientifically brewed in Alphadominche steampunk brewing machines for perfect extraction and the best flavour. The interior design is more akin to a beautiful apothecary shop or bar — stark and architectural, made from wood and marble. Glasfurd & Walker developed the brand and packaging to illumatinate the space through bright copper tones and hand painted textures and pattern work.

A series of custom, watercolour prints to reflect the 6 categories of tea (white, oolong, black, green, herbal and pu’re) were hand painted and applied to custom boxes printed with flood copper foils on the top and bottom. Stickers are then applied with each tea type - detailing the specifics of terrior, location grown and tasting notes. Glasfurd & Walker also sourced custom, copper tins that have stickers applied with the painted artwork for the larger tea offerings. The logo by contrast to the high end finishing is simple and approachable - a nod to the name - meaning ‘happy tea’ in Chinese.