When They Find Us

When They Find Us

When They Find Us approached us to create a video showing our studio and work in Vancouver.

From When They Find Us:

“Though they might not be aware, Phoebe and Aren of Glasfurd & Walker are in fact a vital reason as to why our little project exists today. The moment was marked a few years back, when the very first Meat & Bread opened it’s doors. It was their branding direction and design that initially caught my attention, closely followed by a strong impulse to devour Meat & Bread’s iconic porchetta sandwich. There was something instrumentally different about their sandwich shop, recognized from the moment I stepped in the door. Yes, their porchetta was life-changing, but moreover, there was something about the look and feel of the space, beautifully envisioned and created by Craig Stanghetta, as well as the merging of the branding details throughout, that felt unique and set apart in a positive way.

Little did I know that my visit to Meat & Bread (which I was capturing and covering for my personal blog at the time), would ensue in having my photographs published in Monocle Magazine—one of my most cherished accomplishments to date. I have never really had the opportunity to thank Phoebe and Aren personally. I didn’t know a great deal about them, or their studio, apart from the fact that their work continually speaks for itself—with each project changing and influencing the landscape of Vancouver, through their beautiful and intuitive concepts, designs and art direction.
For me, it’s people and work like theirs that makes our city more livable and enjoyable. Every project they take on embodies something unique, and adds beauty, diversity and value—whether it’s something that sits on a shelf, or a building that elevates a neighbourhood. When Jonathan Litchfield suggested them as someone he could introduce to us to for our project, I was completely overjoyed. And it’s our hopes that our project can change the hearts and minds of the status quo, and begin a transition and better means of supporting local companies and makers. It is with great pleasure that I introduce Phoebe and Aren, who are responsible for shifting my appreciation and perspective”

Watch the video here.