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Nuanced brand stories, experiences, and spaces define Glasfurd & Walker’s approach to graphic design. The Vancouver, Canada–based firm is helmed by Phoebe Glasfurd and Aren Fieldwalker: Glasfurd draws on her award-winning career in design and branding to oversee all creative, and Fieldwalker leverages his 15 years of global brand strategy and account management experience to head up the business side. The duo is all about cultivating a strategic juxtaposition that serves to surprise, delight, and (most importantly) draw people in. From a lush-yet-grounded fine dining concept that works at the intersection of art and science to neon signage that takes Chinese brasserie patrons to old Shanghai, their work is art with a story and purpose. Surface spoke to Glasfurd about the firm’s philosophy and the projects set to dazzle design denizens in 2018.