NOVUM Magazine Feature

NOVUM Magazine Feature

Extract:Their work is like the famed Canadian summers: fresh clear colours seemingly washed in gentle light are the distinctive signature of designs by Aren Fieldwalker and Phoebe Glasfurd.

Producer Aren Fieldwalker and Creative Director Phoebe Glasfurd had collaborated in Sydney for three years before moving their operations to Canada with a view to winning over the North American market.

At that time, Vancouver was out top of the list of cities reputed to have a great quality of life – even though as a centre for the design industry it had still not really arrived. So we decided that this would be a great place to live and work, with the option of doing some good on the creative scene, Aren Fieldwalker tells us. And it is clear to see the two have done precisely that. It is not uncommon for them to be entrusted with the entire process of a market launch – from strategy selection, through the launch itself and long- term positioning, all the way to ongoing management. While Fieldwalker and Glasfurd do have recourse to freelancers for specialities such as photography, scenography and web design, they maintain tight control so that clients can be Guaranteed consistently high quality.

Whatever the nature of the job – corporate identity, online project or print object – our aim is quite simple: to put relevant, innovative, top- quality design to work for our clients so that their business will flourish. Thorough implementation and attention to detail are just as important as a mature concept – which should also be both as simple and as arresting as possible,« the creative duo agree. One immediate aspiration is to bring their expertise more into play in local cultural activities, as this is a field in which they can call on extensive experience from their Australian background. We have seen firsthand how design can strengthen artistic and cultural institutions and their programmes enormously and contribute substance. We would also be really excited to set up a first-class design conference in Vancouver and produce a local design guide,« they add, positively bubbling over with ideas.

Those are all things that could make the city we live and work in even more interesting, dynamic and inspiring.

As you can see, Glasfurd and Fieldwalker still have quite an agenda as they head towards fulfil- ling their original intention – to contribute fresh perspectives and stimulus in a foreign land.