Branding Typography

Glasfurd & Walker’s wrk for Beta 5 is feature in Branding Typography.

“Typeface always plays a significant role in graphic design. It not only presents the outlook of a brand, but reminiscent of the personality and aesthetic approach of its designer. Branding Typography offers a novel overview of typeface design, exploring the most beautiful and remarkable examples in visual communication. From selecting a typeface for a logo, to laying out the typeface for the printed matters; from using one font to mixing typefaces; from twisting the existing classic typefaces to creating tailor-made one; from letters of the European languages to characters from the Asian languages, the book is the definitive guide to applying typography inventively in all around branding projects. Besides the commercial cases of fashion, retail, catering, product and etc, it also includes a certain number of cultural and governmental projects, allowing the readers to draw different inspiration from the wide range of international master pieces.”